Things I’ve Learnt

Posted By on 9th August 2021

In life every day’s a school day and gardening is no exception. Over the years I’ve had some success but also some failures, I try to learn from these, but this year decided to write a list so I don’t forget!



Posted By on 26th July 2021

I’ve been to visit my sister in Scotland 4 times now. The first couple of times were for our parents’ funerals, then once for a short holiday pre-covid and then this most recent time, post-pandemic. (Hopefully)

My pre-covid trip was great, until the last night when I fell down the steps and hurt my thumb. It’s never been quite right since.


Just Like Buses

Posted By on 19th July 2021

I am old enough to remember, in some detail, England’s success in the 1966 World Cup final. I’ve been waiting 55 years, along with a large proportion of the population, hoping that they might repeat the success, always to have my dreams dashed.

I was hopeful that at last, this year, the wait might be over. It just so happened that the Euros final was held during my recent visit to Scotland.

(If you’re not into football, don’t worry, it gets better!)


What A Difference A Year Makes

Posted By on 14th July 2021

What a difference a year makes.


Social Distancing

Posted By on 7th July 2021

Well it looks like ‘social distancing’ and wearing face masks is coming to an end, or so Boris tells us, though we are advised to exercise caution.


Here I Go Again

Posted By on 21st June 2021

Just 2 years on from when I tackled my first fireplace I started my second.


Sublime and Ridiculous

Posted By on 8th June 2021

Buying anything online is a bit of a lottery, but plants can be particularly testing. Over the years I have had disappointments, but mostly things have turned out OK.


Don’t Order Things on April 1st

Posted By on 2nd June 2021

Modern technology is in most cases a wonderful thing. I don’t pretend to understand a lot of it, but occasionally I have a little breakthrough. Like the other day when I stumbled upon how to play YouTube on my ‘smart’ TV, (which up to that point had resisted doing anything ‘smart’) by controlling it from my phone. I’m not blaming my TV for this situation, it’s undoubtedly a lot smarter than I am.



Posted By on 14th May 2021

Finally the day came, the last bit of the garden renovations, the new fence. It was also the morning of my second Covid jab and the day the chap from the British Heart Foundation came to collect a lot of charity stuff that I’d been saving through lockdown, in short quite a busy and varied day.


They’re Supposed To Be Sheep!

Posted By on 2nd May 2021

So this weekend I decided to have another go at baking! Nothing too complicated, based on the chocolate buns I made last time.