The Height Of Pointlessness

| 30th April 2017

What would you say was the height of pointlessness? I’m sure we all have our own ideas as to what it might be, but I bet none of you will have come up with this.


| 27th April 2017

Earlier in the year we bought a small, heated window-sill propagator. To be honest I don’t know why we haven’t had one before but there we are and so since around the middle of March I’ve been frantically sowing seeds.

Moggie Magnet

| 23rd April 2017

Regular readers will be aware of my recent foray into the world of aerosol cat repellents and the fact that they don’t work.

Spring Again

| 21st April 2017

Another reason why I love Spring.

Just For Fun

| 19th April 2017

The other day, just for fun, we thought we’d see if we could track down the whereabouts of our old car.


| 16th April 2017

Why is Spring my favourite time of year? Here’s why.


| 12th April 2017

So there we were with a brand new car and a cat problem. Having ruled out aerosol cat repellents some other method needed to be found.

Tour Of The Wolds

| 9th April 2017

Today the ‘Tour of the Wolds’ cycle race came through Binbrook for the first time and what a glorious day it was. The sun shone from a clear blue sky and the temperature was more like July than April.

What Went Wrong? This Went Wrong

| 5th April 2017

After a successful day collecting the new car from Cambridge it was the following morning that we discovered the problem. One of the neighbourhood ‘moggies’ had decided the ‘soft-top’ was a snug place to spend the night.