Was It Something We Said?

| 27th September 2014

The week took a pleasant and unexpected turn on Wednesday morning when Adrian turned up unannounced to take away a wagon load of wood, and promised to return later for a second tranche. Needless to say he didn’t, and we haven’t heard from him since.

Goodbye Garage

| 20th September 2014

At last, Adrian and the boys have turned up to demolish the garage. This is one story where the pictures mostly tell the story, without any help from me.


| 14th September 2014

I’m sure all UK readers will be familiar with the Channel 4 television programme ‘Grand Designs’ which follows the fortunes of couples who buy unusual, unloved, difficult and quirky properties, and convert them into beautiful modern homes. Who could forget the Victorian water tower in London or the decommissioned lifeboat station in Tenby?


| 10th September 2014

I said some time ago how boring it would be reading about paint, well I thought it might be fun to try and prove myself wrong.

Six Weeks And Counting

| 5th September 2014

We’ve all heard the one about the builder who starts a job, receives payment in full, and then walks off the plot, never to be seen again, leaving the work unfinished.