They’re Supposed To Be Sheep!

| 2nd May 2021

So this weekend I decided to have another go at baking! Nothing too complicated, based on the chocolate buns I made last time.


| 19th April 2021

I think it would be fair to say that my name and the word ‘Goddess’ have rarely, if indeed ever, appeared in the same sentence. Though strangely I was called a ‘Goddess’ by the children last week as I pushed them on a roundabout in the local park?!?!

Random Things

| 10th April 2021

So it’s Saturday, April 10th and it’s snowing, just over a week ago I was sat in the garden sunbathing, it’s very confusing. My decorating mo-jo has deserted me for the moment, so I’ve decided to head into the archives to find something to write about.

Happy Easter

| 3rd April 2021

Happiness is – – – – – – –

Don’t Give Up The Day Job

| 29th March 2021

Another result of lockdown is our use of the Internet to spread laughs and lift spirits. I know it spreads all kinds of other things too, but I’m preferring to concentrate on the positives, in particular, what I believe are referred to as ‘memes’.


| 1st March 2021

A few weeks ago I sent my sister an email with the title ‘Knobs’. It contained a photo and one simple question, ‘Does Size Matter?’ Now before the more faint-hearted among you reach for the phone to report me to the ‘impropriety police’, let me explain.

Paramedic Humour.

| 22nd February 2021

There’s a group on Facebook called ‘UK Paramedic Humour’. I find it very funny, except when it gets too medical, in which case I’m lost, but ‘snowflakes’ beware, it’s not for the faint-hearted and you need to be broad-minded with a dark sense of humour to properly appreciate it. A few days ago they posted […]


| 15th February 2021

It was a cold, wet, Thursday morning in January. I’d just got out of bed and was following my normal routine of looking out of the landing window before going downstairs. I just happened to be in time to see a young woman walking down my path towards the front door. I didn’t recognise her […]

Scottish Cats

| 8th February 2021

I thought it was about time we had a Scottish cat update. If you remember matriarch Isla has now been spayed and is enjoying life, unencumbered by permanent pregnancy. Harry Potter (1st litter) having been neutered is also enjoying life in the Highlands. Margot, Blanche, Merlin, Tipsy and TW (2nd litter) have gone to the […]

The Bubble Doesn’t Lie.

| 1st February 2021

A few weeks ago I started my latest project, decorating the back bedroom. I actually prefer it to the front bedroom because the view is spectacular. But before I could start the ‘good’ bit, ie painting, I had to tackle the built-in cupboard in the corner. It had once housed the hot water cylinder, water […]