Three Little Words

| 29th August 2015

Now, before you start worrying that I’ve gone all ‘Mills & Boon’ in my old age, the three little words in question are, curtains, shelves and lino. Five syllables, nineteen characters, three little words that are still standing between us and completion of the dining/kitchen.

I Hate Moths

| 24th August 2015

I hate moths, but before all you lepidopterists out there take umbrage, let me explain why. It’s not all moths, just ‘Tineola bisselliella’, better known as the common clothes moth.


| 15th August 2015

I can’t think in 3-D, some might say I can’t think in 2-D, Peter says that sometimes I don’t even think at all! (I’ll leave that one for others to debate.) He, on the other hand, can think in 3-D a fact that became very evident in our latest mini project.

Is It A Bird, Is It a Plane – – – – – ?

| 9th August 2015

Cast your mind back to March 2014, before all the work started, when we still had a separate pantry and the only means of getting upstairs was by Gladys’s ladder.

Should I Really Admit To This?

| 5th August 2015

I’ve never enjoyed reading, I don’t find it relaxing and prefer to spend an hour doing a good puzzle rather than reading a good book, but that’s not my guilty secret.