The End Is Nigh

| 28th June 2014

Week 15 started on Monday with an unexpected visit to the vet. If you want to know how not to take a urine sample from a cat, click here.


| 21st June 2014

Week 14 has been a succession of ‘ings’. Let me explain what I mean.

Week 13

| 15th June 2014

I think Week 13 can best be described as a ‘slow burner’, as nothing of any note actually happened until Thursday afternoon when Adrian and Danny came to dig a trench in the concrete floor of the porch to accommodate the, soon to be installed, (I hope) kitchen sink waste pipe.

Week 12

| 8th June 2014

If you had told me in Week 1 that I would be starting a future blog post with the words ‘ Week 12’ I would have been horrified, but there it is, that’s exactly what I am doing, so here goes.

Sunday Afternoon Fun

| 2nd June 2014

Under the linoleum tiles in the old kitchen is the original quarry tile floor. It was always our intention to uncover it as this will now be the hallway at the bottom of the new staircase.

A Funeral, A South African, And Celebrations

| 1st June 2014

Week 11 could best be described as a hive of feverish activity, in fact on Wednesday (the day before the move) we had 8 tradesmen on site, nightmare when you only have 5 mugs.