Potato Power

| 28th May 2016

The 20 tons of hardcore delivered on Friday wasn’t enough, so on Tuesday 16 more tons arrived, followed by several other smaller consignments. Spreading hardcore is intensely boring, so Leonard and I mostly kept out of the way. In fact I took the opportunity to do a little painting job that’s been hanging on for […]


| 22nd May 2016

Fancy a trivia quiz? Ready? Here’s question one. How long does it take to clear the garden of all the remaining concrete whilst simultaneously digging out for the new gravel?

Mud Glorious Mud (again)

| 19th May 2016

The 3 ton digger returned on Tuesday lunchtime, also Adrian along with Brett and David for extra muscle power, and boy did they need it.

The Return Of An Old Friend

| 14th May 2016

Not for the first time the building schedule has slipped. The remaining old concrete in the drive was due to be dug up this week, but the digger won’t be coming until Monday now (hopefully).

If You Build It They Will Come

| 11th May 2016

One of the few pleasures of renting ‘Joiners Cottage’ (and there weren’t many because after the novelty had worn off we grew to hate it) was the antics of the house martins who lived in the open sheds in the yard and provided us with hours of enjoyment watching their wonderful aerial antics.


| 8th May 2016

Today we went to the seaside. It’s the first day off we’ve had that is unconnected to the garden project since before Xmas, so I think we’ve probably earned it, and as you can no doubt guess we went to Skegness.

At Last

| 6th May 2016

What a difference a week makes. 7 days ago I was having to buy in extra coffee and sugar for hot drinks, this week I’m in danger of running out of soft drinks and ice cubes!!


| 2nd May 2016

Want to see some ‘before’ and ‘almost after but not quite’ pics?