The Destruction Resumes

| 30th March 2016

Apart from the obvious reasons of providing protection for the car and secure storage for all our gardening and DIY ‘stuff’, a major reason for this garden project was to get rid of the 50+ years of old concrete paths which had been added to and patched up over the years by many well meaning […]

Happy Easter From Grassy Bottom

| 27th March 2016

Thank goodness we’ve put the clocks forward this weekend, I’ve been getting up at 6am for the last 3 weeks because of the light mornings and the prospect of 7am does sound a lot more appealing.

More Maths

| 24th March 2016

Monday was a bit of a slow burn, Brett carried lots of bricks onto the scaffolding platforms whilst Peter and Adrian struggled with the finer points of the second lot of step. These are now testing his geometry skills, so once again lessons long forgotten had to be rediscovered.

Best Days Of Our Lives

| 21st March 2016

I’m sure we’ve all been told how our school days are the ‘best days of our lives’, and whilst that statement could be open to some debate, I’m sure we all agree that at some point during those ‘best days’ we have asked ourselves the question ‘when will I ever need to use this – […]

Disappointing Friday

| 19th March 2016

After a positive week, yesterday turned out to be a bit of a disappointment on several levels.

Onward and Upward

| 18th March 2016

On Wednesday we had a full compliment of builders, a delivery of bricks and the truss man came!

There’s Nothing Like It

| 16th March 2016

There’s nothing quite like the smell of the first cut grass of the year. I’m hoping when things get sorted out in the garden Terry will resume his grass cutting duties, but until then I’ll be cutting it, and that’s what I did on a lovely, sunny Monday morning. The smell was wonderful.

It’s All Int’ Preparation

| 13th March 2016

Friday was the first day this year that actually felt like Spring and as usual Adrian and Tony were here by 8.30am.

Small Steps

| 11th March 2016

Thursday started grey and damp but soon brightened up and turned into a pretty nice day. Adrian and Tony were here by 8.30am and work resumed on the first set of steps,

And Then The Rain Came

| 9th March 2016

Yesterday dawned bright and frosty, Adrian and Tony were here by 8.30. The garage base had been covered overnight to protect it from frost,