Go Leonard Go!

| 25th June 2015

Not unlike Peter, Leonard is built for comfort not speed. The vet said he was overweight at 7.9kg, (17lbs in old money), but Leonard says he’s got thick fur, big bones and a slow metabolism!

Windy Bottom!

| 21st June 2015

I think this years weather can be summed up in one word. ‘Windy’. Just look at what it’s doing to my Broad Beans!

Sunny Bottom

| 21st June 2015

On the longest day of the year, the sun shone at ‘Grassy Bottom’.

Athlete’s Foot

| 14th June 2015

Any regular readers of this blog will know I enjoy the occasional trip down memory lane. These forays into the past usually start the same way, so at the risk of repeating myself, “Isn’t it funny what weird things you remember?”

I Wish

| 7th June 2015

I wish I could say that I had taken this lovely photo.

Last Man Standing

| 5th June 2015

Remember when we cut down the 7ft tall conifer hedge last year and the last piece to go was right at the end by the house, the last man standing?