Athlete’s Foot

Posted By on 14th June 2015

Any regular readers of this blog will know I enjoy the occasional trip down memory lane. These forays into the past usually start the same way, so at the risk of repeating myself, “Isn’t it funny what weird things you remember?”

Often they appear in your head randomly and unbidden, but this is not the case with ‘athlete’s foot’.

Back in the late 60’s, after passing my ‘eleven-plus’ I attended the local girls grammar school, Princess Mary High School in Halifax.

In it’s pomp it certainly thought it was a ‘cut above’, but by the time I arrived it was beginning to drag itself, kicking and screaming into the 20th century, trying to be less anal and adopting a more modern approach to things.

However, there was still a strict dress code and the correct uniform was very important, being seen in the street by a teacher without your hat was an immediate detention.

Another essential was a pair of ‘indoor’ shoes which, as the name suggests, were to be worn only indoors, and were usually sensible, brown leather sandals.

On the day in question a girl called Anne Priestley was seen by the science teacher, Miss Keys, walking down the corridor wearing fluffy slippers.

On being challenged about her footwear Anne replied that she was suffering from ‘athlete’s foot’ and had a note from her doctor giving her special dispensation to wear slippers.

I suppose I must have asked someone about this affliction, and was told it was as a result of not drying between your toes properly. For some reason I have never forgotten this pearl of wisdom.

Many’s the time I’m drying my feet after a bath and find myself thinking of Anne Priestley. I wonder if she ever thinks of me??!!

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