Lack Of Perspective

| 28th July 2017

The other day I dropped my glasses down the back of the cooker, not my brightest move I’ll grant you, but it’s amazing what you can do with a cup hook screwed into the end of garden cane!

Adrian’s Wall

| 24th July 2017

You know how I love ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics and we don’t seem to have had any for ages, well I thought it was about time to put that right.

And Then There Were 4

| 19th July 2017

You might remember last year I wrote about the yukka in our garden and commented on the fact that it had not flowered in 2015 which made me wonder if it only flowered biennially.

As Good As A Rest

| 13th July 2017

After the trials and tribulations of the last 2 weeks we decided we needed a change of scenery, after all ‘they’ say it’s as good as a rest and to be honest we felt like we needed one of those too.

Another Week At Grassy Bottom

| 8th July 2017

After the shenanigans of last week with the kettles, candlesticks and mirrors, not to mention the decorating, I was hoping this week would be a little quieter.

What A Week

| 2nd July 2017

Last Sunday I looked at the ‘week ahead’ weather forecast and my heart sank. Rain. I haven’t been feeling very well for several weeks now, but at least when the sun shines I can go outside. The idea of a week of day-time TV was enough to push me over the edge, so I decided […]