18 Going On 60+

| 27th September 2016

A few weeks ago I wrote about all the ‘garden stuff’ we have accumulated over a lifetime and how I’ve had to find ever more ingenious methods of storing it over the last 3 years of living out of boxes.

Gates And Shelves

| 24th September 2016

There’s not been much to report on the D.I.Y front these last few weeks, partly due to the fact that we’re both tired out, but mainly due to the fact we’ve been waiting for the new gates for the drive to be delivered plus 2 shelving units for the shed.

When The Fat Lady Sings

| 17th September 2016

Owning a pet is both a pleasure and a privilege, but whether it’s a goldfish or Great Dane, pet ownership is a serious business and comes with responsibility.

Just Like Buses

| 14th September 2016

It will be exactly 1 year ago on Saturday (17th) since we dipped a first tentative toe in the water that became the garden renovations. It took the form of a phone call to Adrian asking for a price for the proposed work.

Too Much Stuff

| 8th September 2016

Have you ever thought that you had too much ‘stuff’? The sort of ‘stuff’ that sneaks up on you when you’re not looking and only becomes apparent during times of great upheaval like moving house or major renovations.