You’ve Got To Love A Trier

| 30th August 2016

Remember a few weeks ago I showed you this little chap

It’s All In The Mix

| 24th August 2016

During the course of the garden project Leonard was never far from the action and soon became a firm favourite with the various builders, roofers and joiners who visited us. It was not unusual for him to join in with our discussions and he was never afraid to offer his advice as you can see […]

Rainy Monday

| 22nd August 2016

On a rainy Monday, having nothing better to do (!) I thought I might try to hone my rather meagre coding skills and try to fathom out how to put pictures side by side instead of vertically as they have been up to now.

Sunflower On Steroids

| 18th August 2016

Earlier in the year I sowed 20 ‘Munchkin’ sunflower seeds. Germination was poor but eventually I planted 14 small plants into the garden. As previously reported some did better than others.

Cat Repellent

| 11th August 2016

As a life long cat lover ‘cat repellent’ is something that I’ve never bought, indeed those who know me well would expect me to buy the exact opposite if such a thing existed in an aerosol spray. But needs must.

Blue Suede Shoes

| 9th August 2016

You never know what you’re going to get when you go to Skegness, last time it was motor bikes and cricket, our latest visit had more of a musical theme.

Grassy Bottom Flower Collection

| 5th August 2016

Amidst all the mud and mayhem of the last 7 months, (yes 7 months) we have managed to grow a few nice flowers. Here are some photos taken over the last few weeks showing a selection of the best.