Little Things

| 31st July 2016

It is said that ‘little things please little minds’ and this may well be true, but it is also true that the ‘devil’s in the detail’.

Shed Doors

| 27th July 2016

On Sunday we finally said goodbye to the ‘swallow’ curtain. It served it’s purpose but now the doors, having been painted to within an inch of their lives, are ready to be hung.

I Had A Dream

| 23rd July 2016

In the course of my gardening life I’ve often dreamed about digging up something exciting. (For ‘exciting’ read very old and obscenely valuable!) Well I was never going to get a better opportunity than this, given the scale of the ‘digging up’ that’s gone on here over the last 6 months.


| 16th July 2016

Wherever you live in the UK you will not be far from some gravel. There are tons of it up and down the country, in suburban gardens giving that Mediterranean look to a flower bed or spread along paths and driveways.


| 14th July 2016

Remember back in September 2014, just after we’d finished the internal renovations, I wrote about the lessons we had learned during the process?

How Hard Can It Be?

| 10th July 2016

How hard can it be to buy a set of wooden doors for a garden shed? This is how it should work.

Another Sunflower Story

| 7th July 2016

Avid readers of my previous blog might remember ‘A Tale of Two Sunflowers’, well here’s another sunflower story.

It’s Been A Long Time Coming

| 2nd July 2016

I’ve always had a soft spot for ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures, well here is my latest collection, based upon the life-cycle at the back of the house, which since February 2014 has been a dumping ground for anything from an old bath, to half a hedge.

Red Letter Day

| 1st July 2016

Today was a ‘red-letter’ day at Grassy Bottom. After months of digging and destruction it was the day we’ve been waiting for, as it means we’re near the end of a very big job. Today the gravel arrived.