Don’t Panic! Don’t Panic!

| 24th June 2017

No I haven’t been afflicted with a touch of the Lance Corporal Joneses, it’s just that I suddenly noticed the other day that the ‘Solomons Seal’ that were looking so elegant and magnificent a few weeks ago are now looking decidedly sad.

Various Stuff

| 16th June 2017

Yesterday I bit the bullet and began to weed my ant infested flower border. By the time I’d had enough the back of my hands were red and blotchy and burned, just like a nettle sting.

Big Mistake!

| 10th June 2017

No, I’m not talking about Theresa May’s decision to call a snap general election last Thursday but my decision to buy some mail order plants.


| 6th June 2017

When you come to think about it ‘grass’ is everywhere. Gardens, parks, traffic roundabouts, church yards, sports fields, roadside verges, in fact it’s hard to go anywhere that doesn’t have close proximity to ‘grass’ of some kind.