Spring? What Spring?

| 30th April 2016

On Wednesday it snowed more in one day than it has done during the entire winter. What’s that about? It certainly doesn’t feel like Spring. Although the lying snow soon went, the rain was never far away blowing in and then out again on a brisk, bitterly cold wind.

The Roof

| 26th April 2016

In recent weeks I’ve got used to accepting large deliveries from Travis Perkins, so when the delivery wagon pulled up unexpectedly yesterday morning I simply greeted him with, “What have you got for me today, then?” His reply was surprising, “Stainless steel shower door frame and glass panel”

A Top Tip

| 22nd April 2016

Here’s a top tip, and I bet if you try until you’re 100 you’ll never guess what it is.


| 21st April 2016

At last some decent weather, the last 2 days have been warm with wall-to-wall sunshine.


| 19th April 2016

Remember back in December when I dug up and stored the ‘Lucifer’ corms and how a month later I had to dig out the ones I’d stored in the ground because they were still in the way?

Sometimes . . . . .

| 17th April 2016

Sometimes you just have to get on with it . . . . .

More Rain

| 13th April 2016

Once again the great British weather has dropped a spanner in the works. Although the roof trusses are here, the oak beams arrived on Monday, and the slates and other roofing paraphernalia came this morning, all hope of starting the roofing process today is a distant memory. So I’ll start with a question.

April Showers

| 10th April 2016

‘April showers’ might bring ‘May flowers’, but they don’t do anything to advance the cause of an outdoor job. It’s been a disappointing, ‘stop-start’ kind of week.

A Parting Gift

| 6th April 2016

Regular readers will know about our long running battle with NPower our gas/electricity supplier and the fact that, at long last, we decided to change to SSE, who have been supplying our power from April 1st.

Blue Bricks And A Shaggy Dog Story

| 4th April 2016

After 2 days of destruction it was nice to get back to ‘putting things back together’ on Thursday and Friday, specifically putting the final course of ‘blue’ bricks along the top of the long retaining wall.