Here I Go Again

Posted By on 21st June 2021

Just 2 years on from when I tackled my first fireplace I started my second.


Sublime and Ridiculous

Posted By on 8th June 2021

Buying anything online is a bit of a lottery, but plants can be particularly testing. Over the years I have had disappointments, but mostly things have turned out OK.


Don’t Order Things on April 1st

Posted By on 2nd June 2021

Modern technology is in most cases a wonderful thing. I don’t pretend to understand a lot of it, but occasionally I have a little breakthrough. Like the other day when I stumbled upon how to play YouTube on my ‘smart’ TV, (which up to that point had resisted doing anything ‘smart’) by controlling it from my phone. I’m not blaming my TV for this situation, it’s undoubtedly a lot smarter than I am.



Posted By on 14th May 2021

Finally the day came, the last bit of the garden renovations, the new fence. It was also the morning of my second Covid jab and the day the chap from the British Heart Foundation came to collect a lot of charity stuff that I’d been saving through lockdown, in short quite a busy and varied day.


They’re Supposed To Be Sheep!

Posted By on 2nd May 2021

So this weekend I decided to have another go at baking! Nothing too complicated, based on the chocolate buns I made last time.



Posted By on 19th April 2021

I think it would be fair to say that my name and the word ‘Goddess’ have rarely, if indeed ever, appeared in the same sentence. Though strangely I was called a ‘Goddess’ by the children last week as I pushed them on a roundabout in the local park?!?!


Random Things

Posted By on 10th April 2021

So it’s Saturday, April 10th and it’s snowing, just over a week ago I was sat in the garden sunbathing, it’s very confusing. My decorating mo-jo has deserted me for the moment, so I’ve decided to head into the archives to find something to write about.


Happy Easter

Posted By on 3rd April 2021

Happiness is – – – – – – –


Don’t Give Up The Day Job

Posted By on 29th March 2021

Another result of lockdown is our use of the Internet to spread laughs and lift spirits. I know it spreads all kinds of other things too, but I’m preferring to concentrate on the positives, in particular, what I believe are referred to as ‘memes’.


9 Months

Posted By on 22nd March 2021

Lockdown is responsible for many things, one of which is the way we shop. Speaking personally I’m disappointed if my ‘in’ box isn’t full of ‘order confirmation’ emails, and a visit from ‘postie’ is sometimes the highlight of my day.

I’ve been mostly lucky with the things I’ve bought, though a recent transaction regarding ‘suncatchers’ was a huge disappointment. Or do I mean scam?!!