40 Days And 40 Nights

| 26th April 2014

Week 6 of the building work can best be described as ‘frustrating’. Don’t get me wrong, lots of work got done, particularly upstairs, all in preparation for the plumber and plasterers who are imminent.

One Swallow

| 18th April 2014

Week 5 started well when on Monday morning I saw my first swallow of the year. Whilst I realise this ‘doesn’t make a summer’, it does at least make me feel like the weather is heading in the right direction. Unlike the building work which feels to have slowed down somewhat, and with loosing 2 […]

Week 4

| 12th April 2014

Week 4 proceeded much as expected, with less ‘knocking down’ and more ‘putting back’ than previous weeks, which has to be a good thing, the plasterer is due next week and hopefully the staircase should arrive too.

British Summertime

| 5th April 2014

Due to the start of British Summertime week 3 of the project started with 2 days of getting up in the dark. I thought I’d put that behind me when I retired, but at least I got to hear the dawn chorus again. Every cloud eh?.