So That Was 2016 (in words)

| 29th December 2016

Whatever words history uses to describe 2016 I don’t think ‘dull’ will be one of them. Locally, nationally and internationally it has been remarkable. As words go ‘remarkable’ doesn’t seem big enough to cover everything that has happened, but it will have to do.

Peter’s Festive Cheesecake

| 26th December 2016

Topped with Mandarin oranges and sultanas soaked overnight in Cointreau, with a crushed ginger biscuit base. Delicious.

Xmas Ad-Vent

| 21st December 2016

Here’s a question. Are you swayed by TV advertising? The run up to Xmas is when all the big guns wheel out their festive adverts, and while I’m first to admit that this years John Lewis ad, Buster the Boxer and his fury friends, is cute and well made, would it persuade me to shop […]

So That Was 2016 (in pictures)

| 16th December 2016

At this time of year I usually take a few minutes to look back and reflect on what the past 12 months have had to offer. I’m going to do it twice this year, once in words but firstly in pictures.

Hugh Knew

| 11th December 2016

Each weekday, as we have our tea, we watch ‘Pointless’. It used to be ‘Weakest Link’ and before that ‘Fifteen to One’, I can’t remember any further back, but I expect there was another similar one.

Sensible Shoes

| 5th December 2016

Now that the major renovations to the house and garden are mostly finished and winter is upon us, it means that not much gardening or DIY is getting done, in other words most of the source material for this blog has disappeared. Therefore I will have to look elsewhere for my inspiration. That’s why today […]