| 27th August 2014

In the 15 years that we lived at Ravendale House we planted many trees, with varying degrees of success.

Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick

| 25th August 2014

“I had a little nut tree, Nothing would it bear But a silver nutmeg, And a golden pear.”

17 Boxes

| 20th August 2014

Remember a few weeks ago when we were left having to make a decision as to how to proceed with the new book shelves?


| 15th August 2014

One of the reasons we decided to move house was to get away from the seemingly miles of hedges that we had at Ravendale House, but without going into the trials and tribulations of house hunting, lets just say you rarely find a property that ticks all your boxes.

Spend, Spend, Spend.

| 12th August 2014

Despite the fact we haven’t received the final bill for the renovations, so don’t know if we have any money left, we’ve been on a spending spree. (If you’re reading this Adrian, where are you?)

Unexpected Visitors

| 7th August 2014

A couple of days ago I got up to find we had unexpected visitors in the garden, a group of 5 ducks.


| 2nd August 2014

It’s been very hot this week, so all I’ve really done is a bit of painting upstairs. The only thing more boring than watching paint dry is reading about watching paint dry, so I thought I’d write about the garden instead.