Anzac Day 2015

| 26th April 2015

Between 1942 and 1945 RAF Binbrook (which was de-commissioned in the 1990’s) was home to No.460 Squadron of the Royal Australian Air Force. Even though their stay was a short one, they have 2 memorials in the area, one on the site of the old air base and the other right opposite our house.

13 Weeks

| 25th April 2015

Almost 12 months on from moving into ‘Grassy Bottom’, I find myself still counting weeks, though not in quite the same way as I was back then.

I Just Can’t Help It

| 23rd April 2015

They say that ‘great oaks from little acorns grow’ and as I’m a bit of a ‘sow it and see what happens’ kind of person, about 35 years ago I put that to the test by sowing a couple of dozen acorns.

Brighton Heads

| 18th April 2015

Remember the Brighton Heads from Ravendale House?

Meant For Each Other

| 15th April 2015

Some things are just meant to be together, take these for example.

Recycling Can Be Fun

| 8th April 2015

It’s not every day you move into a property which had previously been lived in by the same person for over 50 years. We’re not of a fanciful disposition, but from the start we both agreed that Gladys’s 50 year occupancy had left an impression on the place, and we both wished we’d had the […]