Vulcan XH558

| 29th September 2015

I’m scared of flying, and I’ve never been on an aeroplane in my life, but I do like an air show. We’re very lucky here in Lincolnshire to have lots of RAF bases, one of which, RAF Waddington, has been the host to a spectacular annual air show. Sadly these have recently been cancelled, amid […]

Hilaire Belloc

| 22nd September 2015

“Hilaire Belloc?” I hear you cry. “What has an early 20th century writer and historian got to do with ‘Grassy Bottom?” A fair question in the circumstances and I do admit the link is rather tenuous.

Stepping Back In Time

| 16th September 2015

Last weekend we went to Louth, not unusual in itself, but special on this occasion because the town was holding a ‘Victorian Market’.

The Birth Of A Kitchen

| 13th September 2015

They say that good things come to those who wait, and that has certainly been the case with our kitchen which has taken over 12 months to complete. Here we have the story in pictures.

Ups And Downs

| 10th September 2015

Most things go well in the garden at ‘Grassy Bottom’, but there is the occasional hiccup.

At Last

| 4th September 2015

I’ve been waiting 18 months to show some proper ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots like they do on those TV shows that track the progress of house renovations done over several months/years and condense them into an hour long programme.

Something’s Missing

| 2nd September 2015

It’s the beginning of September and I’ve only just realised something’s missing from the garden, I haven’t seen a ladybird all summer.