Posted By on 27th August 2014

In the 15 years that we lived at Ravendale House we planted many trees, with varying degrees of success.

Without a doubt the most successful were the flowering cherries, as you can see here. They were an absolute joy every Spring.

We also did quite well with apple trees, and got lots of fruit, however other things weren’t quite so productive.

Having been spurred on by the success of the apple trees, we decided to extend our range of fruit and planted a cherry tree, a pear tree and a plum tree.

Sadly, due to a combination of bad weather and birds, by the time we moved in 2013, all we had harvested was a handful of cherries, a pear (and I don’t mean 2) and not a single plum. It was a huge disappointment.

When we moved here we were pleased to see that we had a selection of mature fruit trees. I introduced you to the ‘little nut tree’ in my last post, but there are also 3 apple trees, a damson tree and to our delight a Victoria Plum.

The damson has excelled but it’s the plum that is the star of the show, it’s branches laden with beautiful, ripe, juicy, fruit.


Getting our 5-a-day has never been so easy or tasted so good.


However, we might have to change the name of the house, temporarily, to ‘Windy Bottom’. 😳

Sorry, was that too much information? 😉

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