18 Going On 60+

Posted By on 27th September 2016

A few weeks ago I wrote about all the ‘garden stuff’ we have accumulated over a lifetime and how I’ve had to find ever more ingenious methods of storing it over the last 3 years of living out of boxes.

The same can also be said about ‘D.I.Y stuff’ which has also been well documented over the last couple of years.

Therefore it was no surprise that as soon as the doors were fitted in July we started to root out ‘stuff’ from all the various hidey-holes and shove it unceremoniously in the shed.

I use the term ‘shove’ advisedly, because at that point there was nothing but an empty space, but the urge to rid the house of all gardening and D.I.Y accoutrement was just too strong. I can even report that the spare Flymo left the landing.

However, now the two shelving units have been delivered and assembled the serious business of arranging the shed in a sensible fashion has begun.

Sadly this involves taking most of the ‘stuff’ out again. You can see some of it here.


What fun we had!


So what have the shenanigans of of the last week, not to mention the trials and tribulations of the last 2½ years taught me.

The obvious lesson is that we have too much ‘stuff’, most of which will never see the light of day again now it is safely stowed in the shed.

Secondly a project like this is physically hard and mentally draining, and I take my hat off to those brave (or naive) souls who embark on larger ventures.

Finally, in my head I’m still 18, but my body is most certainly over 60. It gets hurt easier and takes longer to recover from even the smallest physical effort.

In short, too old and I HATE it.

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