Go Leonard Go!

Posted By on 25th June 2015

Not unlike Peter, Leonard is built for comfort not speed. The vet said he was overweight at 7.9kg, (17lbs in old money), but Leonard says he’s got thick fur, big bones and a slow metabolism!

Despite this handicap yesterday evening Leonard climbed a tree. I’d just got out of the bath and was able to watch him secretly through the bedroom window.

He took several moments to work up to the ascent which consisted of him hurling himself at the trunk and clambering up like one of those lumberjacks with crampons on their boots.

The whole process was effective, but not elegant, and I suspect the descent was even less so, though I missed it because I was drying carefully between my toes!!

After his exertion all Leonard wanted was a quiet snooze in the cool of the evening.


Sorry about the standard of the photo, I had to take it from indoors, I didn’t want to wake him. These elite athletes need their beauty sleep!

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