If I Ruled The World

Posted By on 3rd July 2015

Unlike the song, if I ruled the world I wouldn’t make each day ‘the first day of Spring’, what I’d actually do is get rid of cruelty in all it’s vile and hideous forms.

Mental and physical; from strong to weak; young to old; old to young; cruelty in the name of religion; cruelty in the name of tradition or culture; cruelty in the name of nationhood, they would all be banned if I was in charge.

However the one I hate most is cruelty to animals, though I confess recent world events are testing that notion somewhat.

Does that make me a bad person, I don’t know, but it’s the fact that the human race, the so-called superior species, can knowingly inflict such pain and suffering on other living creatures which makes it so abhorrent.

At least we no longer have pit-ponies; fox hunting has supposedly been banned and whaling has been curtailed. But we do still have poaching, puppy farms, hair coursing and bullfighting. I could go on.

I particularly hate the practice, common in many Asian countries, of ‘harvesting’ bear bile from living animals, supposedly for it’s medicinal qualities.

These are just a few examples, which cause animals untold suffering.

Whatever the cruelty and whoever/whatever the victim, it is often ‘excused’ or ‘explained’ by reference to traditions going back generations or religious beliefs.

Well I’m sorry, just because great-grandma did it doesn’t make it right and I don’t believe any ‘god’ would condone inflicting pain and suffering on another living creature. Tradition and religion have a lot to answer for.

I’m not young enough or brave enough to crusade against such atrocities, so for the wider problems I have to be satisfied with donating to charity. It’s not possible to give to every worthy cause, so I have picked just one, The Donkey Sanctuary.

They do wonderful work both here and abroad, caring for animals who have been mistreated or become victims of abuse. They also provide education for third world countries in animal husbandry and closer to home donkey assisted therapy for disabled children and the elderly, through the Elisabeth Svendson Trust

On a more local level I have spent my life looking after stray and unwanted cats. Here are just a few of their stories.

Linus and Grover 1

Linus and Grover 2

Dulcie 1

Dulcie 2



But not all stories have a happy ending The Cat With No Name

One of these days I’ll get round to writing Marney’s story and that really will break your heart.

Sadly (or perhaps luckily) I never will rule the world, so all the cruel people can rest easy, but I’d like to think that one day they will face some kind of reckoning even without my intervention.



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