| 1st March 2021

A few weeks ago I sent my sister an email with the title ‘Knobs’. It contained a photo and one simple question, ‘Does Size Matter?’ Now before the more faint-hearted among you reach for the phone to report me to the ‘impropriety police’, let me explain.


| 15th February 2021

It was a cold, wet, Thursday morning in January. I’d just got out of bed and was following my normal routine of looking out of the landing window before going downstairs. I just happened to be in time to see a young woman walking down my path towards the front door. I didn’t recognise her […]

Scottish Cats

| 8th February 2021

I thought it was about time we had a Scottish cat update. If you remember matriarch Isla has now been spayed and is enjoying life, unencumbered by permanent pregnancy. Harry Potter (1st litter) having been neutered is also enjoying life in the Highlands. Margot, Blanche, Merlin, Tipsy and TW (2nd litter) have gone to the […]

The Bubble Doesn’t Lie.

| 1st February 2021

A few weeks ago I started my latest project, decorating the back bedroom. I actually prefer it to the front bedroom because the view is spectacular. But before I could start the ‘good’ bit, ie painting, I had to tackle the built-in cupboard in the corner. It had once housed the hot water cylinder, water […]


| 25th January 2021

I decided the other day to Spring clean my computer. That is to say, have a look back at a lot of old stuff I’ve collected over the years. I think it’s fair to say my tastes must have changed, because quite a lot of it was rubbish and got deleted, but then I came […]

Are You As Smart As A 4-Year-Old?

| 11th January 2021

Fancy a bit of silliness for the New Year? It might make you smile, and let’s be honest we could all do with a smile, or better still a laugh in these dark times. So let’s begin. How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator?

Goodbye 2020

| 3rd January 2021

Traditionally this is the time of year when I would look back over the last 12 months, the highs the lows and all the bits in between, but what can I write about 2020 that hasn’t already been said? My personal highlights were the holiday on the Isle of Skye in February, and moving house […]


| 28th December 2020

What does the colour yellow make you think of? The sun? Lemons? Primroses? Advocaat? Coldplay? (I prefer the Jodie (Dr Who) Whitaker version to the Coldplay original). Yellow is my favourite colour.


| 18th December 2020

I thought the window bottom had put up a fight, but it did not prepare me for what was to come with the two doors. Original to the house, circa 1930 at a guess, they have seen better days, and are covered in varying layers of paint. I was curious to know what they would […]


| 9th December 2020

Having assembled my tools and equipment, attached the ceiling rose and taken time out to help trim the ivy around the bus stop, I had no choice left but to start decorating. For me it’s very much a ‘Mastermind’ moment, “I’ve started so I’ll finish” and I have to work up to it, sneak up […]