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You can’t beat a good acronym. Some have become part of every day speech others are a little more obscure, then there are the ones you make up yourself.

I think DIY is the most obvious in the ‘every day speech’ category, in fact it doesn’t even need translating, and we’re probably all aware of NIMBY (not in my back yard).

Another on a similar subject, and one of my personal favourites is BANANA (build absolutely nothing anywhere near anybody)

Then we move on to those we make up ourselves. One of Peter’s favourites is OPM (other peoples money) referring to any situation where the person ‘doing’ is being funded by a third party, which tends to make them less careful with the budget.

All of this finally brings me to BOIB.

Recently I read an article in the news about a ‘furnished flat’ in London that had been offered for rent at £500 per month.

It turned out to be a bed in the cupboard under the stairs! (very Harry Potteresque) You can see it here.


What’s that about? We paid less than that to rent ‘Joiners Cottage’ and that had 3 staircases, we could have made a killing!

Joking apart, how can the ‘landlord’ exploit the ‘tenant’ in this way by charging such a ridiculous amount and still sleep nights? Why would anyone pay that amount to live in what is essentially a cupboard?

I suppose the answer to both these questions is that we don’t live in London and don’t understand the pressures involved in surviving in this day and age in a big city.

Even so I do struggle which such an extreme example of ‘Rachmanism’ in the 21st century.

In short we’re very lucky and are definitely B.O.I.B.

Better Off In Binbrook!

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