A Bit Of A Moan

Posted By on 21st October 2016

It seems ages since I had a good moan, but after a recent trip to the dentist I can feel one coming on.

Six years ago I wrote how dentistry has changed in the last 50 years, but when was it that dentists evolved into salesmen (or women)?

Every time I go now I feel like I’m being ‘sold’ some additional treatment or other. The amount of time that my actual teeth were examined was tiny in relation to how long I was in the chair.

Apparently my gums are causing more concern, worse case scenario, my teeth will fall out. I felt under pressure to agree to what sounded like quite invasive treatment. I declined.

I don’t want any unnecessary meddling, my motto is ‘if it isn’t broken don’t fix it’, and I’m not convinced things are as bad as they say. Also, I think I’ve had more than my fair share of procedures over the years, let someone else have a go.

‘They’ assure me they’re trying to help, but when does ‘trying to help’ step over the line and become pressure selling? To be honest as long as my teeth stay attached to my head and don’t hurt too much for the next 20 years, I’ll be satisfied.

On the morning of my appointment I had found myself in Louth at 8.30am just as the kids were going to school.

I was following 2 boys, perhaps about 12/13 years old, complete with ridiculous ‘footballer’ hairstyles, (razor sharp partings and shaved on one side) who were having burgers for breakfast.

Having finished their repast the wrappings were just dropped in the street without a second thought. How can anyone of any age be so inconsiderate?

I should have said something, but as a life-long wimp I didn’t, and even though I was cross with them I had to smile when one stopped to check his reflection in a shop window to make sure he had no crumbs on his chin and his hair was still beautiful!!

Moan over, back at ‘Grassy Bottom’.

The giant sunflower had been damaged by wind and rain so I dug it out which was really quite sad. It seems I’d been quite modest back in August when I said it had 20 flower heads, in fact it had well over 50.

I doubt I will see it’s like again.

Elsewhere the inside of the hedge has now been cut thanks to Terry, and things are looking neat and tidy again. As you can see Leonard is checking on progress,


but is careful not to get too close to the actual work.


God bless him!!

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