Posted By on 15th February 2021

It was a cold, wet, Thursday morning in January. I’d just got out of bed and was following my normal routine of looking out of the landing window before going downstairs.

I just happened to be in time to see a young woman walking down my path towards the front door. I didn’t recognise her but she looked perfectly normal, apart from the fact that she was carrying a croissant (sans bag) in her right hand.

The landing window is directly above the front door, so I had a very good view, but she didn’t see me. The front room curtains were still closed so she probably thought I was in bed.

She appeared to be talking to someone and my first thought was perhaps she had a small child who had run down my path. Then I heard the unmistakable sound of Grayson. He’d got me up at around 5.45am asking to go out, so he was no doubt ready for his breakfast.

As I set off down the stairs I could see her through the small windows in the door crouched down with Grayson, right on the doorstep. Perhaps she thought he’d been out all night and felt sorry for him sitting there shouting to be let in.

But to come right up to my door?

Perhaps she wanted to coax him away, after all, he is a very handsome cat. But with a croissant?

A packet of ‘Dreamies’ I could understand, but not a buttery, flaky, breakfast comestible.

I’ll be perfectly honest, I didn’t really know what to do. If I opened the door, they’d both fall in. So I hesitated slightly and by the time I did open the door, she was heading back down the path.

She must have heard the key in the lock, because she glanced briefly over her shoulder, but continued down the path, turning right at the gate.

Grayson came in and as I opened the curtains, she was walking back past my gate in the opposite direction, still clutching her croissant!


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