Posted By on 1st March 2021

A few weeks ago I sent my sister an email with the title ‘Knobs’. It contained a photo and one simple question, ‘Does Size Matter?’

Now before the more faint-hearted among you reach for the phone to report me to the ‘impropriety police’, let me explain.

You may remember some weeks ago when I was decorating the front room, I bought 2 rather fine doorknobs.

When I moved on to decorating the landing I was on the lookout for some more. What I really wanted was something like ‘Primrose Yellow’, but faceted ones were not available in that colour.

I eventually found some ceramic ones, but sadly when they came they weren’t as big as I’d hoped and after sharing the photo of one fitted to a full-size door, we decided it looked like a ‘pea on a drum’.

However, I decided they would do for the large, magnolia wardrobe, which I intend to paint white at some point, so I bought 7 more (well at 99p each it would be rude not to) so all is not lost.

In the world of knobs, it would seem, size does matter.

Elsewhere decorating has been going on apace.

Small bedroom

and landing

are both finished, which is perhaps as well because work on the dry stone wall is imminent and the weather is improving, so I shall be wanting to be outside.

And I’ve had my first Covid jab too. Happy days.

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