To Laugh Or Cry?

Posted By on 9th February 2015

On the face of it painting a staircase is quite easy, after all if it’s made with wooden spindles like ours there’s more ‘hole’ than substance, isn’t there? Don’t you believe it.

After several days of painting I’m beginning to wonder what I’ve started. The surface area is vast and when you’re painting it in 2 colours, primrose yellow and sage green, there are a lot of ‘joins’. At least no more mishaps with the glasses.

If nothing else painting a staircase allows your mind to wander. I’ve thought of places, pets and people I know and love or have known and loved. TV shows I’ve seen going back 50 years. What to have for tea. Will I get my washing dry? You know the banal everyday things that affect us mere mortals.

I’ve also thought, ‘What have I started here?’ and ‘I hope I won’t be doing this again in a hurry’.

As you know we should be careful what we wish for because it suddenly occurred to me that I won’t ever be ‘doing this again’, either in a hurry or anything else because by the time it needs ‘doing again’ I’ll be too old. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!

Same goes for all the decorating. The hall and staircase are only the start, I may never do any of it again after this first time, a sobering thought.

That also holds true for the fixing up of the unusual coat rack we bought last year, which is seriously heavy and took a super human effort from both of us to get it on the wall. It’s over 4′ long.


Sadly we’re going to have to take it down and put it up again twice more, I won’t go into detail, but after that it stays there for the rest of our lives. (The wall is actually primrose yellow with a white ceiling, but it doesn’t show up very well in the photo.)

Outside the snow is melting and today at least the sun is shining. We also had a visit from a moorhen. Remember the one we had at Ravendale House? He stayed for several weeks, hope this one does.

Onward and upwards!!

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