Posted By on 14th May 2021

Finally the day came, the last bit of the garden renovations, the new fence. It was also the morning of my second Covid jab and the day the chap from the British Heart Foundation came to collect a lot of charity stuff that I’d been saving through lockdown, in short quite a busy and varied day.

The old fence was whisked away in no time at all and work on the new one began.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “It’s all In’t preparation” and so it is with fences.

Measure twice cut once,

and you have a lovely new fence that matches the new gate and finishes off my front garden.

Now the pots and tubs need putting in position, which will include this little beauty, my only remaining horse-chestnut tree.

The rain stayed away all day I’m pleased to say and we finished with a beautiful sunset.

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