The Wall

Posted By on 15th March 2021

Now that the parking space was cleared and hardcore laid, it was time to start building the dry-stone wall. The stones have been piled up in the path since last Summer, so the first job was to sort them by size.

Gradually the wall began to take shape,

until finally.

They even managed to incorporate the gravestones we had uncovered into the little wall in the corner,

and at the side of the new gate, modelled here by Grayson, who managed to put his pawprints in some wet mortar.

I wouldn’t normally advocate smashing up gravestones, but they were in a wall here long before I came and I’d rather them stay here and be used, than sent to landfill or crushed.

Then came the gravel,

lots of it,

and the spreading.

And finally, this time with Suki doing the modelling,

job done.

I’m very, very happy with it.

They will be back after Easter to replace the left-hand fence, then it really will be ‘Job done’.

Whatever will I find to write about?

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