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Posted By on 23rd October 2017

When I was growing up I can remember my grandparents, and my parents when they got older, saying how they could no longer identify with the world they lived in. At the time I didn’t really understand what they meant, but I think I do now.

For example, social media is a mystery to me. The way people live their lives on and through Facebook and the like. I simply don’t get it, we all managed perfectly well before it was invented. I’m all in favour of new ways for people to keep in touch easily, but really, what’s the need to be joined at the hip with your phone?

Everywhere you go in town, city or countryside, people young and old are inextricably attached to their mobile devices, what is it that is so urgent? They can’t all have family members in hospital.

But the thing about modern life that really tips me over the edge is food, Peter has already covered the subject in his own inimitable way here on his own blog. How can I follow that?

Well for me a picture paints a thousand words.

Years ago chicken (or scampi) and chips in a basket was considered trendy, Wimpy sold beefburgers, for a civilised night out you went to Berni Inns (remember those?) and who could resist Harry Ramsden’s fish and chips.

Fast forward 40 years or so and what do we have now?

As we plunge headlong into the party season take a look at these travesties.

Full English in a jam jar.

The worlds best Scotch Egg?

I have absolutely no idea what this is supposed to be served on a flip-flop!

Scampi doesn’t come in a basket anymore, it comes in a shoe

and fish and chips on a fairground wheel.

As for desert, I think Newton would turn in his grave.

I’ve saved the best until last. I don’t even know what this is supposed to be, but I bet it plays havoc with your Marigolds!!

Believe me there are plenty more examples out there if you want to look.

Bon appetite!

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