If Wishes Were Vacuum Cleaners – – – I’d Be 25 Again

Posted By on 19th March 2018

It’s no secret that I hate housework. I’d much rather do 2 hours gardening than 30 minutes flicking round with a duster. It’s also no secret that I hate TV adverts and yet the other week I was seduced and almost succumbed to one for a cordless vacuum cleaner.

Perhaps it was because I long to be slim and 25 again or perhaps I have a subconscious desire to live in a loft apartment with a husband who helps with the housework, either way on the strength of the advert (you know the one I mean) I checked out their website.

And guess what? For the never to be repeated reduced price of £159.99 and a free tool set worth £50 (yeah right) I could have my dream appliance delivered to my door the very next day at no extra cost.

Thankfully Peter was on hand to pull me back from the brink and bring me to my senses before I parted with a large amount of cash.

The truth is I’m finding my conventional hoover a bit too heavy these days, particularly for going upstairs, so I’m not just being fanciful, I do have a legitimate reason for looking for a replacement.

Once you get beyond the glossy TV adverts there are lots of makes and models to choose from, most of which have been reviewed by real people (not slim 25 year old models with perfect husbands) who have actually bought and used the product themselves.

And so the search began.

What do I want from a vacuum cleaner? Simple really. Lightweight and maneuverable with good suction and a detachable hand held device for doing the car, furniture and stairs, things that all the makers claim to provide in their latest models.

In the end I invested £24.99 in a Von Hauss which you’ve probably never heard of, I know I hadn’t. It had reviews to die for and at that price, even if they proved inaccurate it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Coincidentally about a week after getting my new vac we found ourselves killing time in a large high street retailer whilst the car was having it’s first service.

Out of curiosity we headed for the vacuum department where we found one upright model on sale for £519, yes that’s right £519!

If I was going to pay £519 for a vacuum cleaner I’d expect it to do the cleaning on it’s own whilst I sat down with a cup of tea. In fact if I’d paid £519 for a vacuum cleaner I’d expect it to make the cup of tea for me before it started!!

However I digress.

My Von Hauss was delivered free in record time and appears to satisfy all of my criteria perfectly, so first impressions are good.

Admittedly it isn’t ‘cordless’ but here’s the thing, Von Hauss also do a similar model that is. That means I could get one of those as well for upstairs and the two together would cost me less than half the price of the one from the original glossy ad.

How cool is that?

Sadly neither of them will make me slim or 25 again!

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