The First Six Weeks

| 25th July 2020

My niece and her family are away this weekend and my broadband has just been connected today (at long last), so I’m taking the opportunity to reflect on the last few weeks and the huge changes that have occurred in my life.


| 16th July 2020

A few weeks ago I told you about my sister’s recent sortie into the world of cat ownership, with the lovely Isla and her 3 adorable kittens. Sadly 3 have become 2, the fate of the missing kitten is unknown, but I’m pleased to report that the 2 remaining ones are going from strength to […]


| 9th July 2020

Hiring a skip is always exciting, it is a harbinger of progress and good things to come, so Jenni and I decided to share one.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

| 2nd July 2020

Well its been a long time coming, but finally I’m here in my new home ‘no.14’. Having survived all the ups and downs of the last 11 months (I’ve been trying to move here since August 1st last year) things were looking good for the beginning of May, however, our plans got scuppered by lockdown. […]