Déjà Vu, But Not Quite

| 27th April 2020

And so the fateful day finally arrived. It was time to introduce Suki to the great outdoors at ‘Grassy Bottom’. Over the years I’ve developed a method for this procedure that has proved successful in the past, but even so, it’s a worrying time.

Shit happens

| 20th April 2020

First let me begin by apologising for the rather blunt title. If you are offended by the use, or over-use, of the ‘S’ word, then I suggest you stop here and come back next Monday when I will hopefully have written something a little more wholesome. For the rest of you, carry on.


| 13th April 2020

Regular readers might recall a few weeks ago I briefly mentioned a couple of palindromes. No? Perhaps this might refresh your memory for one of them.


| 6th April 2020

Regular readers will know about my 2 cats Poppy and Grayson, and visiting feral tomcat, Macbeth. Well, a few weeks ago I got another, Suki. Whether that was a wise thing to do only weeks away from moving house who knows? And the Coronavirus hasn’t helped matters either, but moving 3 cats to Huddersfield can’t […]