Border Issues

| 21st May 2018

No I’m not talking about Brexit and the difficult Irish border debate, this is about a troublesome flower border.


| 7th May 2018

Acanthus. A genus of about 50 species of herbaceous perennials one of the most popular being Acanthus Mollis. Affectionately known as ‘bear’s breeches’, (no idea why) it is a grown for it’s attractive foliage and architecturally bold flower spikes.

Spring 2018

| 30th April 2018

Well it’s been a long time coming but at last Spring has returned to ‘Grassy Bottom’. My favourite time of year by far and this is why.

Des Res

| 16th April 2018

We have 3 wheelie bins. Black for general refuse, grey for recycling (but not glass, I have to walk down to the village recycling point with bottles etc.) and green for garden waste. On the whole a very efficient staggered fortnightly service.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

| 12th February 2018

Just what you need to brighten a cold February day, some more ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics, but before you yawn with boredom and turn away, they aren’t of ‘Grassy Bottom’, they are in fact photos from my sister’s garden in Aberdeenshire.

Sometimes I Despair

| 11th December 2017

Ever had the feeling you haven’t quite got to grips with something? I’ve been gardening seriously for 20+ years now but never cease to surprise horrify myself.

Hedges (again)

| 4th December 2017

Regular readers will no doubt be aware of our ‘love/hate’ relationship with hedges. It all began back in 1998 when we moved into Ravendale House. The hedge cutting there was an annual event that took us several days to complete.


| 9th October 2017

Don’t worry, we haven’t embarked on another building project, nor am I taking Peter to a fancy hairdresser so he can have a change from the ‘No.3’ he normally gets from me, no this is about extending the paths and beds in the vegetable garden.

Half Price Plants

| 19th September 2017

This isn’t me falling foul of another ’20 assorted fuchsias for £5′ scam, (but just whilst I’m on the subject of the fuchsias, 13 have survived and about 10 of those have turned into lovely plants, though most of them are red.)

Sunflower Surprise And Other Stuff

| 1st September 2017

Remember last year I grew some ‘Munchkin’ sunflowers? The packet of seeds said they would grow to about 2′ and most of them did.