Front Garden

| 8th August 2020

Having gone as far as I could with the back garden for now, I turned my attention to the front. Here are a few photos of progress so far.

How To Make A Vegetable Garden

| 13th August 2019

This is a post that I actually started to write last Autumn, but it never got finished or published for obvious reasons, so I thought it was about time I finished it off.

Happy 2019

| 1st January 2019

Summer 2018

| 24th September 2018

Those of you who know me will probably be aware by now that Peter passed away last week. I had already prepared this post, so it seems a shame to waste it. He put his heart and soul into making ‘Grassy Bottom’ a special place both inside and out. I dedicate this website to him. […]

Never Let It Be Said – – –

| 17th September 2018

Regular readers may remember a few months ago when I wrote about buying two new vacuum cleaners. Well I’m afraid the dream of being 25 with a loft apartment and a perfect husband has gone rather sour since then.

How Long Does It Take?

| 23rd July 2018

About 18 months ago I sowed some Carnation seeds. They germinated reasonably well and last Summer I planted about half a dozen small plants in the border by the drive. I wasn’t too bothered when they didn’t flower last year as I guessed they needed time to get established.

Keep The Faith

| 9th July 2018

I don’t have a great record when it comes to buying plants by post. As far back as 2009 at Ravendale House I was getting disappointed by poor quality plug plants but despite that, as recently as last year, I still hadn’t learned my lesson, buying ’20 special offer’ fuchsias.

Peter Has A Theory

| 2nd July 2018

Well he actually has more than one, but the one in this story is to do with ‘when you think a job is finished’. It goes like this. When you think a job is finished, stop and look at it because there will always be something you’ve missed or could do better.

Border Issues

| 21st May 2018

No I’m not talking about Brexit and the difficult Irish border debate, this is about a troublesome flower border.


| 7th May 2018

Acanthus. A genus of about 50 species of herbaceous perennials one of the most popular being Acanthus Mollis. Affectionately known as ‘bear’s breeches’, (no idea why) it is a grown for it’s attractive foliage and architecturally bold flower spikes.