Things I’ve Learnt

| 9th August 2021

In life every day’s a school day and gardening is no exception. Over the years I’ve had some success but also some failures, I try to learn from these, but this year decided to write a list so I don’t forget!

What A Difference A Year Makes

| 14th July 2021

What a difference a year makes.

Sublime and Ridiculous

| 8th June 2021

Buying anything online is a bit of a lottery, but plants can be particularly testing. Over the years I have had disappointments, but mostly things have turned out OK.


| 14th May 2021

Finally the day came, the last bit of the garden renovations, the new fence. It was also the morning of my second Covid jab and the day the chap from the British Heart Foundation came to collect a lot of charity stuff that I’d been saving through lockdown, in short quite a busy and varied […]

9 Months

| 22nd March 2021

Lockdown is responsible for many things, one of which is the way we shop. Speaking personally I’m disappointed if my ‘in’ box isn’t full of ‘order confirmation’ emails, and a visit from ‘postie’ is sometimes the highlight of my day. I’ve been mostly lucky with the things I’ve bought, though a recent transaction regarding ‘suncatchers’ […]

The Wall

| 15th March 2021

Now that the parking space was cleared and hardcore laid, it was time to start building the dry-stone wall. The stones have been piled up in the path since last Summer, so the first job was to sort them by size.

Memories of Grassy Bottom

| 8th March 2021

And so on Monday, March 1st work on the front garden at no.14 began. The first job was to clear the area of rocks, concrete, tree stumps and pink gate posts,

Quarry Tiles

| 4th November 2020

I’ve always liked quarry tiles, don’t ask me why because I don’t know, but there were lots of them at ‘Grassy Bottom’ and when we were doing the renovations I spent a couple of hours with Danny carefully digging up the pantry floor and saving some of the better ones.

Phase 1 Complete

| 14th October 2020

A couple of weeks ago, when I last wrote about the front garden, I had just finished getting rid of all the various kinds of debris and marked it out ready for the 15square metres of turf.

Steady Progress

| 25th September 2020

So you’re 66 years old, have just had the 2 most stressful years of your entire life, what do you do? Why embark on a fairly major garden renovation project of course. Not as big as the one at ‘Grassy Bottom’ I grant you, but I am several years older and flying solo now.