In The Shed

| 23rd February 2017

I never thought I’d long for a return to the bad old days when our living room looked like a branch of B&Q, but I do at the moment.

How Convenient?

| 17th February 2017

This week I thought I’d have a change and get my shopping delivered and as one of the big supermarkets will deliver all my requirements at a time of my choosing for the princely sum of £2.00 it would be rude not to.

11 Weeks

| 11th February 2017

It’s now 11 weeks since Poppy came into our lives and on the whole things are good as we’ve all slipped into a routine. In the beginning she panicked if she thought I was trying to shut her in, now she panics if she thinks I’m going to shut her out, which has to be […]

I’m On A Little List

| 2nd February 2017

I’ve always been a great believer in lists, indeed I believe that committing any words or numbers to paper can help focus your mind in tricky situations, but lists in particular are very useful.