Swallows And Amazon (with apologies to Arthur Ransome)

| 26th February 2018

Regular readers will know how pleased we were when the swallows took up residence in our garage roof last May and we spent many happy hours during the summer watching them zoom effortlessly in and out.

Elephant In The Room

| 19th February 2018

Well, the decorating we started at Xmas is almost complete, it’s been quite a task and taken longer than it should because we took a bit of a detour to strip and re-polish the oak desk that Peter bought a few weeks ago.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

| 12th February 2018

Just what you need to brighten a cold February day, some more ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics, but before you yawn with boredom and turn away, they aren’t of ‘Grassy Bottom’, they are in fact photos from my sister’s garden in Aberdeenshire.

A Public Service Announcement

| 5th February 2018

It was a cold Tuesday in January and I’d gone to Louth to do some shopping and visit the bank.