Who You Calling A Wimp?!

| 28th January 2017

It’s sometimes difficult to find things to write about now all the building mayhem is behind us and Spring is still a distant dream. Today is one of those days, so it’s time to ask a question. I’ve already done ‘where would you go back to’ and ‘best value for money thing you own’, here’s […]

10 Things

| 19th January 2017

Poppy’s not the first cat I’ve tried to bring in from the cold, (apologies to Deric Longden) 20+ years ago there was Jackson and more recently Leonard. I was successful both times with these boys and they each lived out their remaining years in love and comfort.

La Plume De Ma Tante

| 12th January 2017

At junior school I sometimes had trouble with words. I can remember quite clearly one situation where we had to read to the teacher from a long list of them. I was doing OK but got hopelessly stuck with ‘canary’ and perhaps more understandably ‘anxious’.

Poppy’s Story

| 7th January 2017

So there we were 3 days before Xmas trying to decide on a name for our new friend when the phone rang. The lady said she was calling in response to my advert in the Post Office about a lost black cat. She said it sounded like her mum’s cat, Poppy.

A New Year, A New Beginning?

| 1st January 2017

It was Sunday November 27th, just over 3 weeks since we had lost Leonard and we were still suffering. Neither Peter nor I were ready to take on another cat so soon after his passing, indeed we had even discussed, albeit briefly, the notion of never having a cat again given our grief and proximity […]