A Journey

| 6th November 2018

You often hear people on TV (usually in talent/reality shows) say they are on a ‘journey’, and to be honest whenever I hear that phrase I just switch off. But the truth is over the last 7 weeks I’ve been on a journey of my own, in fact I’m still travelling. In the space of […]

Never Let It Be Said – – –

| 17th September 2018

Regular readers may remember a few months ago when I wrote about buying two new vacuum cleaners. Well I’m afraid the dream of being 25 with a loft apartment and a perfect husband has gone rather sour since then.

The Best Of The Best

| 10th September 2018

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a while, but it took an afternoon in Boston (Lincolnshire not Massachusetts) to spur me into action.


| 3rd September 2018

Fraud. “Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain”. But exactly what constitutes fraud?

Friends And Enemies

| 27th August 2018

Peter and I have had pet cats all our married life. The most we ever had at one time was 5 back in the 1990’s. You can read all about them in the following links. They were Linus, and his sister Grover, followed 3 years later by rescue kittens Dulcie, who was intent on using […]

The 280 Steps

| 20th August 2018

No, I’m not trying to up-stage John Buchan, this is simply about a day trip to Whitby last week.

Quite Interesting

| 13th August 2018

Regular readers may remember a few months ago I promised you something ‘quite interesting’ regarding the problem fireplace in the office. Well, here it is.

We Pay Our Rates

| 6th August 2018

You often hear disgruntled people saying how they ‘pay their rates’ well for once I know how they feel. In Binbrook we have the odd street light, the grass is cut in strategic places and our dustbins are emptied, but if you don’t have children at the school or use the mobile library, that’s about […]

A Close Shave

| 30th July 2018

We’ve all heard how more accidents happen in the home than anywhere else, well I wonder how many of those accidents are animal related? In this particular instance for ‘animal’ read ‘cat’.

The Trouble With Trump

| 16th July 2018

First of all I should say that I’m no-ones idea of a political animal, but I do take a keen interest in current affairs. Secondly I should point out that my opinions of Mr Trump are based entirely on what I have seen in the media which may, or may not, be a true reflection […]