Size Matters

| 31st July 2015

At Ravendale House we had a small clump of Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ which we were very fond of. When we decided to move house we wanted to make sure we had ‘Lucifer’ in our new garden. (As it turned out we needn’t have worried!)

A Sunny Morning At Grassy Bottom

| 26th July 2015

Not unreasonably I seem to have been concentrating most of my attention on progress indoors, which seems to go in ‘fits and starts’. However, I hope you will be able to see there has been some progress outside too.

Left-Hand Man

| 18th July 2015

Any regular viewer of the BBC’s ‘Gardeners’ World’ programme will recognise Nigel, Monty Don’s faithful gardening companion.

Ever Wondered?

| 8th July 2015

Have you ever wondered what staining a wooden floor looks like? Well wonder no more.

If I Ruled The World

| 3rd July 2015

Unlike the song, if I ruled the world I wouldn’t make each day ‘the first day of Spring’, what I’d actually do is get rid of cruelty in all it’s vile and hideous forms.