5 ‘Sleeps’ To Grassy Bottom

| 24th May 2014

As I write this there are only 5 ‘sleeps’ left before we move into ‘Grassy Bottom’ next Thursday, and despite this being the end of week 10 every single room is still in disarray.

Week 9

| 17th May 2014

It’s hard to describe week 9 in just a word or sentence, because lots of ‘stuff’ happened, yet we still haven’t got one room finished sufficiently for proper decorating to begin!

If It Moves Salute It, If It Doesn’t Paint It White

| 10th May 2014

Week 8 only had 4 days due to the Bank Holiday, and started well enough on Tuesday with the laying of the floorboards where the pantry used to be.

Week 7

| 3rd May 2014

Week 7 can best be summed up in one word, ‘plastering’.