Don’t Give Up The Day Job

| 29th March 2021

Another result of lockdown is our use of the Internet to spread laughs and lift spirits. I know it spreads all kinds of other things too, but I’m preferring to concentrate on the positives, in particular, what I believe are referred to as ‘memes’.

9 Months

| 22nd March 2021

Lockdown is responsible for many things, one of which is the way we shop. Speaking personally I’m disappointed if my ‘in’ box isn’t full of ‘order confirmation’ emails, and a visit from ‘postie’ is sometimes the highlight of my day. I’ve been mostly lucky with the things I’ve bought, though a recent transaction regarding ‘suncatchers’ […]

The Wall

| 15th March 2021

Now that the parking space was cleared and hardcore laid, it was time to start building the dry-stone wall. The stones have been piled up in the path since last Summer, so the first job was to sort them by size.

Memories of Grassy Bottom

| 8th March 2021

And so on Monday, March 1st work on the front garden at no.14 began. The first job was to clear the area of rocks, concrete, tree stumps and pink gate posts,


| 1st March 2021

A few weeks ago I sent my sister an email with the title ‘Knobs’. It contained a photo and one simple question, ‘Does Size Matter?’ Now before the more faint-hearted among you reach for the phone to report me to the ‘impropriety police’, let me explain.