A New Car

| 30th March 2017

On Thursday March 16th we set off for Cambridge to collect our new MX5. Buying a car ‘long distance’ is quite easy with modern technology, but it isn’t without it’s worries and we were both apprehensive (for different reasons) as we pulled out of the drive at 9am.

I Had To Smile

| 27th March 2017

This morning I put fresh orange juice on my cereals. That’s not a sentence I ever expected to write, but it’s true, I did.


| 20th March 2017

In 1960 my parents bought their first motor car. It was a green Ford Popular similar to this, the registration number was NJX 942. Why do I remember that after 57 years and yet I can’t remember the number of my own first car a red 1966 Mini which I bought in 1972?

Is It Too Much To Ask?

| 15th March 2017

I’m not a great ‘fizzy drink’ fan, but I do like ‘bitter lemon’. It’s good on it’s own, even better mixed with fresh orange juice and better still with gin or port (lemonade is too sweet).


| 8th March 2017

I’ve never listened to an episode of ‘The Archers’ in my life, nor ‘Desert Island Discs’ for that matter, yet the theme tunes to both these radio programmes are unmistakable and instantly recognisable to me.

Too Early Too Eager

| 3rd March 2017

I do it every year and despite the fact I vowed not to do it this year, I have. As soon as we have a couple of days of sunshine I think Spring is here, do some gardening and then the frost comes back, I really should know better.