Is It Too Much To Ask?

Posted By on 15th March 2017

I’m not a great ‘fizzy drink’ fan, but I do like ‘bitter lemon’. It’s good on it’s own, even better mixed with fresh orange juice and better still with gin or port (lemonade is too sweet).

With all of my grocery shopping I don’t go for the ‘light’ options, such as butter without any fat in it or skimmed milk, which essentially is normal milk with all the milk taken out.

And so it is with bitter lemon. I like the proper stuff, not the diet version, but here’s the thing, of the 4 supermarkets that I frequent on a regular basis, not one of the local branches in Louth or Market Rasen stocks the proper stuff in either ‘own brand’ or ‘well known name’.

They used to, but not any more. What’s that about? Is it too much to ask, a bottle of full bodied bitter lemon ‘pop’?

Commiserations to Lincoln City on loosing to Arsenal at the weekend, but congratulations on putting up a good fight and Good Luck for the rest of the season.

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