Is This Our Nemesis?

| 31st October 2016

Hedge cutting. Nemesis: A long-standing rival; an arch-enemy.

It’s All In The Genes, Or Is It?

| 24th October 2016

My sister and I grew up in a 2 bedroomed house in Halifax, West Yorkshire. It had a small front garden and an even smaller back one. Neither of our parents enjoyed gardening in fact I seem to remember that eventually my dad paved over the front lawn and planted a few dwarf conifers.

A Bit Of A Moan

| 21st October 2016

It seems ages since I had a good moan, but after a recent trip to the dentist I can feel one coming on.


| 17th October 2016

You can’t beat a good acronym. Some have become part of every day speech others are a little more obscure, then there are the ones you make up yourself.

Hedge Cutting

| 11th October 2016

On Saturday the chap came with his big machine to cut the hedge, and boy did it need doing!


| 6th October 2016

Adrian came today to fit the new gates across the drive.

007 Remembered

| 2nd October 2016

When you’ve been married to the same person for 43 years the opportunities to surprise each other are a bit thin on the ground. I probably stopped surprising Peter after 43 days, now I just shock him occasionally, but not in a good way!