Posted By on 18th June 2018

A few months ago I touched briefly on the subject of ‘Art’ and how it can be very subjective. I’m sure we’ve all heard the expression “I don’t know anything about art, but I know what I like”. Well to some degree the same can be said about poetry.



Posted By on 11th June 2018

Yesterday saw the annual tractor rally pass through the village. Fortunately for us it comes right passed our house. The weather was glorious and the tractors came in all shapes and sizes.


They Lit Up Our Lives

Posted By on 4th June 2018

1993 was the last time we had any kittens, all the cats we’ve had since have arrived by one means or another fully grown. I’d forgotten what hard work kittens can be, but it didn’t take long for me to remember when I came upon these old photos.


Macbeth Had A Poorly Eye And Other Stories

Posted By on 28th May 2018

Well the day I had been dreading finally arrived about 3 weeks ago when Macbeth came for his breakfast with a poorly eye. Whether the result of a fight or an amorous encounter gone wrong, it looked awful was undoubtedly affecting his vision and must have hurt like hell.


Border Issues

Posted By on 21st May 2018

No I’m not talking about Brexit and the difficult Irish border debate, this is about a troublesome flower border.


A Perfect Day

Posted By on 19th May 2018

We Brits might be rubbish at football, Eurovision and Brexit, but when it comes to organising a Royal Wedding we’re world class.


Two’s Company

Posted By on 14th May 2018

It is said that ‘2 heads are better than one’ and although some people do prefer their own company I think it is fair to say that in general being one of a pair is better than being alone.



Posted By on 7th May 2018

Acanthus. A genus of about 50 species of herbaceous perennials one of the most popular being Acanthus Mollis. Affectionately known as ‘bear’s breeches’, (no idea why) it is a grown for it’s attractive foliage and architecturally bold flower spikes.


Spring 2018

Posted By on 30th April 2018

Well it’s been a long time coming but at last Spring has returned to ‘Grassy Bottom’. My favourite time of year by far and this is why.


Watch The Birdie

Posted By on 23rd April 2018

It is said that The Great Wall of China is visible from space, well guess what? So is ‘Grassy Bottom’,