Good Life

Posted By on 16th October 2017

Those of you of a certain age will no doubt remember the popular BBC Sit Com ‘The Good Life’. It was the story of a suburban couple who left the rat race and became self sufficient by turning all their garden over to fruit and vegetable production. They even had chickens, 2 pigs, Pinky and Perky, a goat called Geraldine and who could forget Lenin the cockerel!



Posted By on 9th October 2017

Don’t worry, we haven’t embarked on another building project, nor am I taking Peter to a fancy hairdresser so he can have a change from the ‘No.3’ he normally gets from me, no this is about extending the paths and beds in the vegetable garden.


Old Cat New Tricks

Posted By on 2nd October 2017

It will come as no surprise to those who know me that I’m a bit of an old softie, particularly when it comes to animals and especially when it comes to cats. Over the years I’ve enjoyed writing about my various feline friends. Here is my latest offering.


Mists And Mellow Fruitfulness

Posted By on 26th September 2017

Do you want to see some stunning photos? They were taken by my sister from her garden.


Half Price Plants

Posted By on 19th September 2017

This isn’t me falling foul of another ’20 assorted fuchsias for £5′ scam, (but just whilst I’m on the subject of the fuchsias, 13 have survived and about 10 of those have turned into lovely plants, though most of them are red.)


Another Day Trip

Posted By on 13th September 2017

Yesterday we went on another day trip, this time to the seaside town of Bridlington. Often portrayed (rather unkindly) as the ‘poor relation’ of Scarborough and Whitby, it still has a lot to offer.


A Day Trip

Posted By on 7th September 2017

Last Saturday we visited Matlock Bath in Derbyshire. We have been before but as it was 25 years ago we thought another visit was overdue.


Sunflower Surprise And Other Stuff

Posted By on 1st September 2017

Remember last year I grew some ‘Munchkin’ sunflowers? The packet of seeds said they would grow to about 2′ and most of them did.


Whitby 2017

Posted By on 25th August 2017

Yesterday we made our annual pilgrimage to Whitby, one of our favourite seaside resorts. The weather could have been better, but it was good enough to give us a lovely day.


Summer 2017 – The Verdict

Posted By on 19th August 2017

Well I thought it was about time to take a look back at the triumphs and tribulations of the growing year. I think it would be fair to say fortunes have been mixed.