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Posted By on 18th January 2021

What do you do during lockdown?


Are You As Smart As A 4-Year-Old?

Posted By on 11th January 2021

Fancy a bit of silliness for the New Year? It might make you smile, and let’s be honest we could all do with a smile, or better still a laugh in these dark times.

So let’s begin.

How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator?


Goodbye 2020

Posted By on 3rd January 2021

Traditionally this is the time of year when I would look back over the last 12 months, the highs the lows and all the bits in between, but what can I write about 2020 that hasn’t already been said?

My personal highlights were the holiday on the Isle of Skye in February, and moving house of course back in June, but generally speaking 2020 has been RUBBISH.

It has, without doubt, been the strangest year I can remember and has brought out the best and the worst in people. 2020 can best be summed up in one word COVID.



Posted By on 28th December 2020

What does the colour yellow make you think of? The sun? Lemons? Primroses? Advocaat? Coldplay? (I prefer the Jodie (Dr Who) Whitaker version to the Coldplay original).

Yellow is my favourite colour.



Posted By on 18th December 2020

I thought the window bottom had put up a fight, but it did not prepare me for what was to come with the two doors.

Original to the house, circa 1930 at a guess, they have seen better days, and are covered in varying layers of paint. I was curious to know what they would look like when stripped, and was hoping for a honey-coloured pine that I could varnish, but was soon disabused of that notion.



Posted By on 9th December 2020

Having assembled my tools and equipment, attached the ceiling rose and taken time out to help trim the ivy around the bus stop, I had no choice left but to start decorating.

For me it’s very much a ‘Mastermind’ moment, “I’ve started so I’ll finish” and I have to work up to it, sneak up on it almost. And so one Monday morning I put on my YouTube playlist, bit the bullet and began.


Bus Stop

Posted By on 2nd December 2020

Those of you who are old enough might remember the 1960’s hit by ‘The Hollies’ with the same name. Well I have a bus stop at no.14, though you could be forgiven for not knowing. I’ve never seen a person standing at it or alighting in the 6 months I’ve been here. Perhaps it’s because they can’t see it,


And So It Begins (again)

Posted By on 18th November 2020

Having gone as far as I can reasonably go in the garden at no.14, I’m turning my attention to the inside. Six and a bit years on from starting ‘Grassy Bottom’, it’s feeling a bit like déjà vu.


Quarry Tiles

Posted By on 4th November 2020

I’ve always liked quarry tiles, don’t ask me why because I don’t know, but there were lots of them at ‘Grassy Bottom’ and when we were doing the renovations I spent a couple of hours with Danny carefully digging up the pantry floor and saving some of the better ones.



Posted By on 28th October 2020

Several years ago I had a small fleshy wart on my arm. It didn’t hurt and wasn’t unsightly but it did catch on short-sleeved shirts which was just plain annoying.