Watch The Birdie

Posted By on 23rd April 2018

It is said that The Great Wall of China is visible from space, well guess what? So is ‘Grassy Bottom’,


Des Res

Posted By on 16th April 2018

We have 3 wheelie bins. Black for general refuse, grey for recycling (but not glass, I have to walk down to the village recycling point with bottles etc.) and green for garden waste. On the whole a very efficient staggered fortnightly service.



Posted By on 9th April 2018

A few weeks ago we took our car for it’s first service. In order to maintain the warranty we had to take it to a Mazda dealership so couldn’t use our normal garage.


Happy Easter

Posted By on 1st April 2018

Happy Easter from ‘Grassy Bottom’.



Posted By on 26th March 2018

Love them or hate them caravans are a part of holiday motoring here in the UK and offer a relatively cheap and flexible means of summer breaks for people on a budget, even if they do infuriate other road users. Back in the day we too were caravanners.


If Wishes Were Vacuum Cleaners – – – I’d Be 25 Again

Posted By on 19th March 2018

It’s no secret that I hate housework. I’d much rather do 2 hours gardening than 30 minutes flicking round with a duster. It’s also no secret that I hate TV adverts and yet the other week I was seduced and almost succumbed to one for a cordless vacuum cleaner.


Handy Hint

Posted By on 12th March 2018

Have you got a pair of velvet curtains that have seen better days and need some TLC? If so you might find this helpful.


Work? I Can Sit And Watch It For Hours

Posted By on 5th March 2018

After the atrocious weather of last week it’s easy to forget that Spring is just around the corner, but it is, so I thought I’d take a look back in my diary to see what I was doing last year at this time to get ready for my favourite season.


Swallows And Amazon (with apologies to Arthur Ransome)

Posted By on 26th February 2018

Regular readers will know how pleased we were when the swallows took up residence in our garage roof last May and we spent many happy hours during the summer watching them zoom effortlessly in and out.


Elephant In The Room

Posted By on 19th February 2018

Well, the decorating we started at Xmas is almost complete, it’s been quite a task and taken longer than it should because we took a bit of a detour to strip and re-polish the oak desk that Peter bought a few weeks ago.