The Best Things In Life

Posted By on 23rd March 2020

There are 2 smells in life which are so wonderful, memorable and unmistakably special that if they could be bottled, would make some budding entrepreneur very rich indeed.

What are they?

One is the smell of the first new mown grass of the season and the other is the smell inside a new car, particularly if it has leather upholstery.


You Were Saying?

Posted By on 16th March 2020

As a schoolgirl some 50 years or so ago, I was interested in ‘sayings’. Anything I liked the sound of would get written down in a notebook. How times have changed. Just imagine what fun I’d have now with access to the internet and all it’s wonders.


The Holiday

Posted By on 9th March 2020

And so the Isle of Skye adventure began. We travelled up over 2 days with tea in Carlisle and an overnight stay in Glasgow, home of the red Tardis.


The Packing

Posted By on 2nd March 2020

So what do you need after the most stressful 17 months of your entire life?

Why a holiday of course!


Head Or Heart?

Posted By on 24th February 2020

So I couldn’t put it off any longer, it was make your mind up time for the computer and the car. I’d done my research, had my test drives and calculated my finances, I needed to make a decision.


Walk The Walk

Posted By on 17th February 2020

So off I went on my latest adventure, in search of a new computer and a new car. To say I was apprehensive would be an understatement. However, I’ve discovered in recent months that the secret to overcoming fear in these situations is to approach them with an outward display of confidence, even if on the inside you have no idea what you’re talking about. In other words learn how to ‘walk the walk’ even if you can’t ‘talk the talk’, and it’s amazing what a difference it makes.


Going It Alone

Posted By on 3rd February 2020

I’ve never been brave, but over the last 16 months I’ve had to do lots of things that scare me. Mostly they’ve gone well, indeed there have been times I’ve actually surprised myself, but 2 things I’ve never done on my own before are buying a new computer or a new car. I’ve watched Peter do both scores of times but always from a safe distance.



Posted By on 20th January 2020

The Internet is a truly wonderful thing. Let’s face it you couldn’t be reading this without it, but seriously, the speed with which it has become an important, nay indispensable, part of most peoples lives is quite extraordinary. And the service it provides is mind blowing when you stop and think about it. How did we ever live without it?


Doing The Right Thing And Other Stories

Posted By on 6th January 2020

I’m sure we all like to think we do the ‘right thing’ in any given situation, but sometimes it can backfire.

Remember my ongoing battle with the tyre pressure warning light on my car? Read about it here if you don’t.


Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

Posted By on 23rd December 2019

It’s been one heck of a year.

Merry Xmas and lots of love and good wishes to one and all from ‘Grassy Bottom’.